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ICCBA participates in workshop for judicial officers of the Supreme Court of Indonesia

On 17 October 2017, ICCBA President Karim Khan QC, and ICCBA Focal Point for Asia and Executive Council and Victims Committee member, Dato’ Shyamala Alagendra, participated in a workshop for judicial officers of the Supreme Court of Indonesia. The workshop took place at the ICC Permanent Premises, and was organised by Diane Turner QC, the Presiding member of the Disciplinary Board for counsel, with the assistance of Samira Hamzic of the Secretariat of Disciplinary Organs for counsel.

The ICCBA Secretary and Executive Council member, Xavier-Jean Keita, and Michael Herz, member of the ICCBA Counsel Support Staff Committee and Secretariat, also joined the ICCBA’s presentation to and discussion with the Indonesian Supreme Court judicial officers.

Dato’ Shyamala provided a brief introduction to the judicial officers, in Bahasa Indonesia, on the mandate, mission and functioning of the ICCBA. The ICCBA President then led a lively discussion among the judicial officers and other participants on matters of ethics and the practice of independent counsel before the ICC.

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