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The ICCBA operates in accordance with its Constitution. It is governed by a General Assembly composed of its membership, who elect a President and fourteen additional members of an Executive Council mandated to manage the day-to-day operations of the association and carry out its strategic vision. An Executive Committee within the Executive Council, composed of the President, the Vice President for Defence, the Vice President for Victims, the Treasurer, and the Secretary, take a lead role in conducting the daily operations of the association.


The General Assembly also elects members to eight ICCBA standing Committees, which have lead responsibility to consider issues and propose activities and actions relevant to their particular area of focus.


The ICCBA Executive Council has additionally appointed Regional and National Focal Points to conduct certain outreach activities on behalf of the ICCBA in the Focal Point’s geographic area of responsibility.


The ICCBA has an Executive Director who is responsible for the administration of the ICCBA and monitoring the implementation of the strategies and activities undertaken by the ICCBA Executive Council.

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