Executive Council

The Executive Council is mandated to manage the day-to-day operations of the association and carry out its strategic vision. An Executive Committee within the Executive Council, composed of the President, the Vice President for Defence, the Vice President for Victims, the Vice President for Support Staff, the Treasurer, and the Secretary, take a lead role in conducting the daily operations of the association. The Executive Council is assisted by the Executive Director.

Current members



Jennifer Naouri is a French Lawyer, currently Vice President for Defence of the ICCBA and Chair of the ICCBA Defence Committee. At the ICC, she is Lead Counsel for Mahamat Said and Co-Counsel for President Gbagbo (who was acquitted of all charges by the ICC Appeals Chamber in March 2021). She serves in the same capacity in the Defence team of Félicien Kabuga at the MICT. She is co-founder of SILC, (Strategic International Legal Consulting), a consultancy firm specialised in ICL, human rights, advocacy training and capacity building. Jennifer has vast experience working in multinational and multicultural organisations, in particular before international courts and tribunals (ICTR, ICTY, ECCC, ICC, MICT). Jennifer has acted both as Defence Counsel and legal representative for victims in complex international criminal cases involving genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and sexual violence. For example, she participated in the representation of Hormisdas Nsengimana (acquitted by the ICTR), of victims before the ECCC and of victims of terrorism. She has experience working for NGOs (e.g. GISTI, French Red Cross) and political institutions (e.g. French Parliament) and regularly provides strategic advice to States, IOs and affected communities in her consultancy work with SILC. Having practiced advocacy in broken countries, for accused but also for survivors of crimes against humanity, Jennifer has concrete and acute understanding of the current challenges faced by legal teams and this explains her dual commitment: to the rights of the Defence and in favour of victims. As founding member of the ICCBA and as an EC member Jennifer has endeavoured to build on her experience to advocate for the ICC to provide legal teams with adequate employment conditions (particularly pushing for increasing the rights of female Counsel and support staff, in terms of paid maternity leave, protection against harassment, etc) and promote equal gender representation of the profession. Jennifer has also been a vocal advocate for respect of fairness and equality of arms at the ICC, through her work as a leading member of the Working Group on legal aid and taxation of the ICCBA and her advocacy on these issues directed at various diplomatic stakeholders, at the ASP and beyond. Jennifer has been teaching international law, human rights, IHL and ICL for over a decade both in an academic and professional context (ICRC, Leiden University, Sciences Po, ICCBA, Training of List Counsel of the ICC, etc.)

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Vice President for Defence

Dr. Dov Jacobs is a French International Law and International Criminal Law expert, Defense Counsel at the ICC and MICT and founder of SILC (Strategic International Legal Consulting), a consultancy firm specialised in ICL, human rights, advocacy training and capacity building (https://www.strategic-ilc.com/). Among other current engagements, he is co-Counsel for Mahamat Said and on the Defense team of Laurent Gbagbo at the ICC; on the Defense team of Félicien Kabuga and Duty Counsel for Petar Jojic at the MICT. He has also been involved as an Amicus Curiae in both the Afghanistan and Palestine Situations at the ICC. Dov was a founding member of the ICCBA and has since been active, in various capacities (this year as chair of the ICCBA Counsel Support Staff Committee and member of the ICCBA Training Committee), in promoting the interests of the professional community it represents, with the belief that Defense teams and victim representatives need strong institutional presence at the ICC, in order for their voice to be heard and their needs to be addressed. This is the condition for the system to work effectively and fairly, in achieving the common goals of international justice. Dov is a regular guest professor in a number of universities (Leiden University, Sciences Po, Université de Lille, etc.) and  has published extensively in the field of international law and international criminal law, including in leading commentaries on the Rome Statute in French and English. His current research interests cover international criminal law and procedure, public international law (particularly State Responsibility) and legal theory. He is a door tenant at 9 Bedford Row, Senior Editor of the Leiden Journal of International Law. He regularly comments on international (criminal) law issues on his blog, Spreading the Jam.

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Vice President for Victims

Dr Victor Tsilonis is a principal legal counsel in Greece.  In 2020 he was Greece’s nominee for the position of judge at the International Criminal Court (evaluated as “highly qualified” by the independent advisory committee). He is the author of the book The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (Springer, 2019) ISBN 978-3-030-21525-5 (Springer, 2019), which constitutes the product of over 10 years of research on the International Criminal Court. Moreover, Victor is the founder and chief executive officer of the niche Greek law firm Newlaw, and has a 17-year track record of excellence in handling criminal cases. He is actively involved in the ICC’s fora and thus familiar with the criminal proceedings of the Court. As a member of the ICC Disciplinary Board (2018-2022), he has tried a number of disciplinary cases. Moreover in 2019, he was elected Joint Vice President for Victims and Chairman of the Professional Standards Advisory Committee of the International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA), the only Bar Association formally recognised by the Assembly of States Parties. 



Vice President for Support Staff

I started at the ICC as an intern with the OPCD. Since then, I have worked on the Defence Teams for General Ali, President Kenyatta, Charles Blé Goudé and currently for Dominic Ongwen. During my tenure at the ICC, I have spent much of the time conducting in-country investigations. When I am not working, I enjoy fishing, skiing and working in my father-in-law’s garden. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, an LLM and Juris Doctor. I am a registered attorney in the State of New York (practicing out-of-state).

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Anand Ajay Shah is an American attorney who has assisted in the representation of numerous defendants before the ICC (Darfur, Kenya and Libya Situations) and STL over the last twelve years. He is currently a Legal Advisor in the Legal Advisory Section of the Defence Office of the STL. He has also provided advice to governments and sub-state entities on international law issues and conflict resolution. Over previous ICCBA terms he has served on the Executive Council and as Secretary of the ICCBA, as well as on the Professional Standards Advisory, Amicus, Legal Advisory and Counsel Support Staff committees. He has also taken a leading role on ICCBA Working Groups addressing matters of legal aid, taxation, and work place harassment.

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Victor Baiesu served for eight years as an Associate Trial Lawyer at the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC, where he appeared before the Chambers of the ICC and represented the Prosecution in the five cases in the Situation in Darfur, Sudan. During his time at the ICC, he also worked for both the Disciplinary Advisory Board and the Appeals Board of the ICC. Before joining the ICC in 2005, he worked as a Legal Officer at the European Court of Human Rights and then the Department for the Execution of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights of the Council of Europe. Since 2013, he is a Legal Officer in the Chambers of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. In addition, he contributed to updating the chapter on victim participation in the fourth and fifth editions of Archbold International. He holds a Masters degree in Comparative and European law.

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Aidan Ellis has worked for Defence teams at the ICC and ICTY for the last nine years. He practises as a barrister in London and The Hague. He is currently Counsel for the Defence of Saif Al-Islam Gadafi in admissibility proceedings at the ICC. He has previously worked for the Defence team representing Saleh Jerbo and Abdallah Banda (situation in Sudan). He was the editorial assistant on the latest edition of Archbold International Criminal Courts. He has previously served on and chaired the membership committee of the ADC-ICT.

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Fiana Gantheret is a French international criminal law expert with over ten years of professional experience in international criminal tribunals and national jurisdictions. In particular, she provided legal support to various Defence teams before the iCTY and the ICC, including the defence teams of Drago Nikolic, Laurent Gabgbo and M. Saïd. Last year, she was nominated to be a member of the Counsel Support Staff Committee, and was involved in the ICCBA working group on Gender Parity, Equality and Welfare. 




I have over eleven years' experience in international criminal law, including nearly five years at the ICC as a legal officer for the Office of Public Counsel for the Defence. Having chaired the Counsel Support Staff Committee (2018-19), I have a track record representing the interests of ICCBA members. I have worked for years on issues affecting legal team members, in particular those involving the legal aid policy, and, if elected, would use this knowledge to best serve both counsel and support staff. Furthermore, I would bring to the role my previous experience as an associate appeals counsel for the ICTR prosecution, associate legal officer for the ICTY Appeals Chamber, and as a legal consultant for the defence at the SCSL and ECCC. I am half-German half-Indonesian, but grew up mainly in England, which is where I was called to the Bar.




Dimitri is Assistant to Counsel before the C.P.I. and elected member before the Amici Curiae committee at the I.C.C.B.A. He holds a doctorate in comparative military law from the University of Paris-Nanterre (summa cum laude) and a magister degree in international law. He also was awarded diplomas from the University of Oxford (history and archeology), King's College London (European law), Sciences-Po Grenoble (governance) and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales de Paris (theory of law). Dimitri is also a former First Secretary of the Conference after winning the annual public speaking competition. In 2019, he founded the National Conference (national oratory competition aimed at appointing three National Secretaries) under the supervision of the Conférence des Bâtonniers. His involvement in international law is further evidenced by his status as a member of the Army-Youth Commission (Ministry of defense), his former status as a teacher in this field and a certificate of professionalization in international relations from the European University Institute of Florence (EUI). Finally, Dimitri has just been appointed knight of arts and letters by the Minister of culture.

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Mr Larochelle is one of the founding partners of Larochelle Avocats, a firm specializing in litigation based in Montreal, Canada.  (www.larochelleavocats.com). Since 1998, Mr Larochelle has developed a private practice focusing on civil and criminal law before the Superior Courts, Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. Since 2001, he has also practiced in international criminal law, representing clients before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (Tanzania), the International Criminal Court (The Netherlands) and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (The Netherlands). Mr Larochelle has extensive experience in civil, criminal and aboriginal law, both before Canadian and international courts, including the following cases:

-Acquittal before the Supreme Court of Canada in 2006 (Déry v. The Queen).

-Representing the interests of the Algonquin Makwanini First Nation since 2008.

-Acquittal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Rwanda at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in 2011 (The Prosecutor v. Bicamumpaka).

-Condemnation of Canada by the Committee against Torture in 2012 (Régent Boily v. Canada).

-Confirmation of the decision not to confirm the charges before the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court in 2012 (The Prosecutor v. Mbarushimana).

-Acquittal in R. v. Mungwarere, genocide trial before Canadian courts in 2013.

-Conviction of the Minister of Youth Affairs and Cooperatives by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in 2014 (Prosecutor v. Nzabonimana).

-Member of Narcisse Arido Defence team before the International Criminal Court in 2015.

-Defence Counsel for the interests of Hussein Hassan Oneissi before the Special Tribunal for Lebanon 2014-2016.

-Revision case for Éliezer Niyitegeka before the IRMCT in 2015-2017.

-Condemnation of Canada by the Committee against torture in 2018 (Mugesera c. Canada).

-Defence of Jean-de-Dieu Ndagijimana, facing contempt charges before the IRMCT since 2019

-Condemnation of Rwanda before the African Court on Human and Peoples Right in November 2020 (Mugesera c. Rwanda). Mr Larochelle participated as a panelist in conferences on international criminal law in Canada, The Netherlands and France. He has also published articles on the subject in both French and English.




Haydee Dijkstal is a UK barrister and US attorney with over a decade of experience practicing international criminal and human rights law before international, regional and domestic courts. Her practice has included work before the ICC, ICTY, SCSL, African Commission and Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights and UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. Haydee has been a member of legal teams before the International Criminal Court since 2011 representing parties including the defence, victims and Governments.  This includes the Defence team for Abdullah Al-Senussi, legal team for Sudanese victims, legal team for the Kenyan Government, and recently as co-counsel for victims of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, as well as for the Government of the Comoros, in the Registered Vessels situation. She currently acts as counsel for a group of victims in the Afghanistan situation before the ICC, and is involved in the legal team representing Palestinian victims before the Court.




Sandrine de Sena is an international criminal law practitioner. She assisted the Office of the President of the STL with legal research through the International Law Clinic of Laval University (Québec, Canada) in 2013. She then gained experience at law firms in Paris before becoming a pro bono legal assistant in the defence team for Mr Ntaganda in 2016, and was subsequently appointed Case Manager. She is currently teaching international criminal law at Panthéon-Assas University and managing the Criminal Affairs Division of the University Law Clinic, while writing her thesis on the practice of defence rights before the ICC. Her professional experience and her current research led her to go with the French delegation at the 18th Assembly of States Parties. During more than three years at the ICC, Sandrine de Sena has worked on the legal and administrative aspects of the Ntaganda case. In her daily practice, she has acknowledged the challenges faced by the support staff and has actively worked during the past year to improve the employment conditions of the support staff.

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Kate Gibson has been practicing before international criminal courts and tribunals since 2005, appearing before the ICC, ICTR, IRMCT, ECCC and SCSL on some of the leading cases before these courts. Currently, Kate is the co-counsel of Bosco Ntaganda before the ICC, and also represents Rohingya victims in the Bangladesh/Myanmar situation. Kate also leads the legal team of Paul Rusesabagina, charged with terrorism in Rwanda, and is a member of the Defence team of the former President of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi before the Kosovo Specialist Chambers. Previously at the ICC, Kate was the co-counsel of Jean-Pierre Bemba, former Vice-President of the DRC who was acquitted by the ICC Appeals Chamber in 2018. She was also the co-counsel of former President of Liberia Charles Taylor before the SCSL, and the Co-Counsel of former President of the Republika Srpška Radovan Karadžić before the IRMCT. Kate was one of the youngest Lead Counsel to be appointed at the ICTR, representing Minister Justin Mugenzi who was acquitted on appeal. She was also the co-counsel of Jean-Baptiste Gatete, former bourgmestre of Murambi commune. Between 2007 and 2008, Kate was the Associate Legal Officer of His Honour Judge Mohammed Shahabuddeen in the Appeals Chamber of the ICTY and ICTR. Kate also represented victims in the Duch case at the ECCC. In 2018, Kate was appointed as a Legal Consultant to the UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission for Myanmar. She is a Senior Legal Advisor with the Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG) in Washington, DC, working on transitional justice programs in Bangladesh, Libya, and the MENA region. Kate remains enraged by the lack of diversity of international legal practice, and works with a fantastic group of female lawyers to try to encourage paid opportunities and the accessibility of international law to lawyers from diverse regions and backgrounds. She is a Vice-President of the ADC-ICT and holds an LL.M in International Law from Cambridge University. Kate works in English and speaks grammatically incorrect French with a strong Australian accent.