Training Committee

The Training Committee is responsible for the design and implementation of advocacy training, and training in procedural and substantive international criminal law and information technology systems for all ICCBA Members.

Current members



I started at the ICC as an intern with the OPCD. Since then, I have worked on the Defence Teams for General Ali, President Kenyatta, Charles Blé Goudé and currently for Dominic Ongwen. During my tenure at the ICC, I have spent much of the time conducting in-country investigations. When I am not working, I enjoy fishing, skiing and working in my father-in-law’s garden. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, an LLM and Juris Doctor. I am a registered attorney in the State of New York (practicing out-of-state).

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Kate Gibson has been practicing before international criminal courts and tribunals since 2005, appearing before the ICC, ICTR, IRMCT, ECCC and SCSL on some of the leading cases before these courts. Currently, Kate is the co-counsel of Bosco Ntaganda before the ICC, and also represents Rohingya victims in the Bangladesh/Myanmar situation. Kate also leads the legal team of Paul Rusesabagina, charged with terrorism in Rwanda, and is a member of the Defence team of the former President of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi before the Kosovo Specialist Chambers. Previously at the ICC, Kate was the co-counsel of Jean-Pierre Bemba, former Vice-President of the DRC who was acquitted by the ICC Appeals Chamber in 2018. She was also the co-counsel of former President of Liberia Charles Taylor before the SCSL, and the Co-Counsel of former President of the Republika Srpška Radovan Karadžić before the IRMCT. Kate was one of the youngest Lead Counsel to be appointed at the ICTR, representing Minister Justin Mugenzi who was acquitted on appeal. She was also the co-counsel of Jean-Baptiste Gatete, former bourgmestre of Murambi commune. Between 2007 and 2008, Kate was the Associate Legal Officer of His Honour Judge Mohammed Shahabuddeen in the Appeals Chamber of the ICTY and ICTR. Kate also represented victims in the Duch case at the ECCC. In 2018, Kate was appointed as a Legal Consultant to the UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission for Myanmar. She is a Senior Legal Advisor with the Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG) in Washington, DC, working on transitional justice programs in Bangladesh, Libya, and the MENA region. Kate remains enraged by the lack of diversity of international legal practice, and works with a fantastic group of female lawyers to try to encourage paid opportunities and the accessibility of international law to lawyers from diverse regions and backgrounds. She is a Vice-President of the ADC-ICT and holds an LL.M in International Law from Cambridge University. Kate works in English and speaks grammatically incorrect French with a strong Australian accent.

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Anta Guissé has been a practising lawyer at the Paris Bar in France since 1999. Her working language is French, while she also speaks English. As a criminal defence lawyer, she has appeared regularly before national criminal courts and the Assize Court in particular. In addition, Ms Guissé has several years of experience appearing before the international jurisdictions. Between 2002 and 2010, she worked with several different defence teams before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, firstly as a legal assistant and then as counsel. In 2010, Ms Guissé had an assignment in a team of Legal Representatives of Victims before the International Criminal Court. Since 2012, Ms Guissé has been acting as an international lawyer for former Chairman KHIEU Samphân before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC). Ms Guissé also regularly presents at training workshops for colleagues on the subject of international criminal justice. In 2019, she was elected Chair of the Training Committee of the International Criminal Court Bar Association.




I have over eleven years’ experience in international criminal law, including nearly five years at the ICC as a legal officer for the Office of Public Counsel for the Defence. In this role, I work on a broad range of ICC legal issues on a daily basis, meaning I am well placed to design and implement training for the ICCBA. Previously, I worked as an associate appeals counsel for the prosecution at the ICTR, associate legal officer for the ICTY Appeals Chamber, and defence legal consultant at the SCSL and ECCC. I am half-Indonesian half-German, but grew up primarily in England, which is where I was called to the Bar.

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Dr. Dov Jacobs is a French International Law and International Criminal Law expert, Defense Counsel at the ICC and MICT and founder of SILC (Strategic International Legal Consulting), a consultancy firm specialised in ICL, human rights, advocacy training and capacity building ( Among other current engagements, he is co-Counsel for Mahamat Said and on the Defense team of Laurent Gbagbo at the ICC; on the Defense team of Félicien Kabuga and Duty Counsel for Petar Jojic at the MICT. He has also been involved as an Amicus Curiae in both the Afghanistan and Palestine Situations at the ICC. Dov was a founding member of the ICCBA and has since been active, in various capacities (this year as chair of the ICCBA Counsel Support Staff Committee and member of the ICCBA Training Committee), in promoting the interests of the professional community it represents, with the belief that Defense teams and victim representatives need strong institutional presence at the ICC, in order for their voice to be heard and their needs to be addressed. This is the condition for the system to work effectively and fairly, in achieving the common goals of international justice. Dov is a regular guest professor in a number of universities (Leiden University, Sciences Po, Université de Lille, etc.) and  has published extensively in the field of international law and international criminal law, including in leading commentaries on the Rome Statute in French and English. His current research interests cover international criminal law and procedure, public international law (particularly State Responsibility) and legal theory. He is a door tenant at 9 Bedford Row, Senior Editor of the Leiden Journal of International Law. He regularly comments on international (criminal) law issues on his blog, Spreading the Jam.