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Training Committee

The Training Committee is responsible for the design and implementation of advocacy training, and training in procedural and substantive international criminal law and information technology systems for all ICCBA Members.

Current members


Kimberley Motley has been a litigator for 20 years, with a focus on international criminal law, human rights, and victim rights.  She is admitted lawyer in the ICC as Counsel, U.S. Supreme Court, Federal District Courts in Wisconsin, Colorado, and Oklahoma, the U.S. Appellate Courts in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th, and 10th districts.  In 2008 she an international law practice in Afghanistan and became the first and only foreigner litigating in the criminal, civil, and commercial courts.  Her success has included securing a Presidential Pardon for an Afghan woman charged with adultery which subsequently decriminalized running away as a crime in Afghanistan, successfully working on international child abduction cases which resulted in the return of British and Australian children between the ages of 2 to 10, and representing the Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim. Her work has been internationally reported and she has trained and/or mentored thousands of lawyers around the world on how to practice law in their respective jurisdictions.  Additionally, her work was profiled in an award-winning documentary entitled MOTLEY’s LAW.  She has written a book entitled LAWLESS, and her TED TALK  on:  How  Defend the Rule of Law has garnered over a 1.2 million views.



Jason Antley currently leads a project improving fair trials and defence lawyer capacity in Iraq and Kurdistan. He has worked on similar projects in Somaliland, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Jason has worked in international tribunals since 2009, at the ICTY, the STL, and now as a consultant to the Yekatom Defence at the ICC. He is admitted to practice law in the US state of Georgia, and is a case management expert on the Justice Rapid Response roster. 

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Giovanni Chiarini (LLM, PhD) is a Lecturer (tenure-track – Asst. Prof.) and module leader in International Criminal Law at Huddersfield University, and International Fellow of the National Institute of Military Justice at Washington DC. Giovanni is also an attorney, admitted to the ICC list of assistants-to-counsel (eligible to be appointed associate counsel) and he carried out legal consultancy for UNAKRT. He was a Scholar-in-Residence at Texas Tech University and Visiting Professor at the Mississippi College School of Law, as well as Assistant Lecturer of Criminal Procedure at Insubria University. He was a visiting researcher at the following universities: Institute of International Peace and Security Law, Universität zu Köln; Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, University College Cork; Laboratoire de droit international et européen, Université Côte d'Azur; Centre for International and Global Law, University of Edinburgh; Centre for Critical Legal Studies, Warwick University. Giovanni’s ICL publications ( have been awarded Gold Medal for the best article by the Cork Law Review Arthur Cox Prize; best PhD publication by the American Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences; best article by the Center for Studies in European and International Affairs. He is publishing a monograph with Routledge entitled “The Evolution of International Criminal Procedure”. 



Mr. Dragan Ivetić received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Northwestern University in 1996 and went on to the University of Illinois College of Law where he received a J.D. in 1999. He is licensed to practice law before the Courts of Illinois, up to the Supreme Court; the US Federal Court of the Illinois Northern District; the International Criminal Court; the ICTY (which has now become the Residual Mechanism); the International Criminal Court; and previously practiced before the State Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Domestically Mr. Ivetić practiced in Chicago as an Associate at McBreen & Kopko, then as a Member and Partner of Ostojic and Scudder LLC.   Mr. Ivetić is now the Managing Member of the Illinois Law Firm of “Dragan Ivetić, Attorney at Law LLC”, and additionally as an individual practitioner is part of Kansas-based Warrior Lawyers International. Mr. Ivetić is currently a Vice-President of the ADC-ICT Bar Association as well as a member of its Training Committee.  The ADC-ICT is the recognized Bar Association of the United Nations IRMCT (“Residual Mechanism” – Previously UN ICTY) in The Hague and gives advocacy and regional training.​​




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