Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Advisory Committee provides advice and guidance to members on the Code of Conduct for Counsel and can offer advisory opinions when requested.


Summary of ICC Disciplinary Decisions

Current members



David Jacobs is a senior partner at the firm of Watson Jacobs McCreary LLP and has been practicing litigation for over 38 years. He is admitted to the International Criminal Court’s List of Counsel and has been active in the ICCBA since its inception: including as current member of the Executive Council and the Legal Advisory Committee; past member of the Defence Committee; and past Chair of the LAC. David is a regular guest lecturer in International Criminal Law at Osgoode Hall Law School and he has judged practice rounds for ICC Moot Court Competitions. He has acted as lead counsel for the defence in trials and appeals before the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. David is an experienced mediator. He is a frequent lecturer, writer and media commentator on human rights, international law; administrative, criminal, labour, and constitutional law.  He is a member of the Association of Defence Counsel practising before the International Courts and Tribunals and is Executive Member of the Administrative Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association.  David is a member of the Public Affairs Committee of the Ontario Bar Association.  He was Co-Chair of the Canadian Bar Association (Ontario) 1998 Institute of Continuing Legal Education Programme on Conducting a Professional Disciplinary Hearing. He is past Chair of the Constitutional and Civil Liberties Section, Canadian Bar Association (Ontario). He is a member of the Advocates'​ Society. David is author of a number of law articles and author of a section in Macaulay’s Practice and Procedure Before Administrative Tribunals.

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Chad Mair is an attorney with Portale Randazzo LLP in White Plains, New York. He is licensed to practice in Illinois, New York, the Federal Southern District of New York and the Federal Eastern District of New York. He is also admitted to the Lists of Counsel at the International Criminal Court, the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (previously the ICTY), the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and the Kosovo Specialist Chambers. With over a decade of experience before international criminal tribunals, he has represented defendants before the ICTY and STL at pre-trial, trial, appeals, and re-trial stages. A member of the ICCBA since it was created, Mr. Mair has served on the Amicus Committee (chair for one term) and the Professional Standards Advisory Committee. He is also a member of the ADC-ICT, where he has served on the Amicus Committee, the Disciplinary Committee, and the Membership Committee.




Mr. Dragan Ivetić received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Northwestern University in 1996 and went on to the University of Illinois College of Law where he received a J.D. in 1999. He is licensed to practice law before the Courts of Illinois, up to the Supreme Court; the US Federal Court of the Illinois Northern District; the International Criminal Court; the ICTY (which has now become the Residual Mechanism); the International Criminal Court; and previously practiced before the State Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Domestically Mr. Ivetić practiced in Chicago as an Associate at McBreen & Kopko, then as a Member and Partner of Ostojic and Scudder LLC.   Mr. Ivetić is now the Managing Member of the Illinois Law Firm of “Dragan Ivetić, Attorney at Law LLC”, and additionally as an individual practitioner is part of Kansas-based Warrior Lawyers International. Mr. Ivetić is currently a Vice-President of the ADC-ICT Bar Association as well as a member of its Training Committee.  The ADC-ICT is the recognized Bar Association of the United Nations IRMCT (“Residual Mechanism” – Previously UN ICTY) in The Hague and gives advocacy and regional training.​​

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Anand Ajay Shah is an American attorney who has assisted in the representation of numerous defendants before the ICC (Darfur, Kenya and Libya Situations) and STL over the last twelve years. He is currently a Legal Advisor in the Legal Advisory Section of the Defence Office of the STL. He has also provided advice to governments and sub-state entities on international law issues and conflict resolution. Over previous ICCBA terms he has served on the Executive Council and as Secretary of the ICCBA, as well as on the Professional Standards Advisory, Amicus, Legal Advisory and Counsel Support Staff committees. He has also taken a leading role on ICCBA Working Groups addressing matters of legal aid, taxation, and work place harassment.

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Ingo Klaus Wamser is the principal of a German law firm specialized in criminal law since 2005. He is a founding member of the ICCBA and served as a voluntary board member of the Munich Bar from 2013 to 2015. In 2015 he was appointed as a disciplinary judge for counsel’s misconduct cases by the Bavarian Ministry of Justice and was re-appointed in 2020. Ingo served as Chairperson of the Membership Committee for three terms since 2018 and was appointed as Alternate Commissioner of the ICC in 2019. He is author of a commentary and a handbook for professional standards and disciplinary procedures for counsel and lecturer for international law at an Austrian state university.