Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Advisory Committee provides advice and guidance to members on the Code of Conduct for Counsel and can offer advisory opinions when requested.


Summary of ICC Disciplinary Decisions

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Van Z. Hampton received his Juris Doctorate in 1987 from Oral Roberts University School of Law (after attending his third year as a visiting student at the University of Kansas School of Law). The following year, he obtained his Master of Laws degree from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, School of Law. He then returned to practice law throughout the early 1990s, in Dodge City, Kansas. In 1995 the Governor of Kansas appointed Van as a District Judge to fill the newly created Division 3 for the Sixteenth Judicial District. The Sixteenth District is comprised of six counties in Southwest Kansas. In 2015, Van Z. Hampton was appointed to serve as Chief Judge of the District. During his tenure he heard and decided thousands of contested hearings and bench trials. As a lawyer and then as District Judge, he has participated in over a hundred jury trials. He also was invited twice to serve on panels with the Kansas Court of Appeals, and in 2012 was invited to serve with the Kansas Supreme Court to hear and decide a case. Now he is again in private practice, as a partner of Warrior Lawyers International, managing the Dodge City Office.




Mr. Dragan Ivetić received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Northwestern University in 1996 and went on to the University of Illinois College of Law where he received a J.D. in 1999. He is licensed to practice law before the Courts of Illinois, up to the Supreme Court; the US Federal Court of the Illinois Northern District; the International Criminal Court; the ICTY (which has now become the Residual Mechanism); the International Criminal Court; and previously practiced before the State Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Domestically Mr. Ivetić practiced in Chicago as an Associate at McBreen & Kopko, then as a Member and Partner of Ostojic and Scudder LLC.   Mr. Ivetić is now the Managing Member of the Illinois Law Firm of “Dragan Ivetić, Attorney at Law LLC”, and additionally as an individual practitioner is part of Kansas-based Warrior Lawyers International. Mr. Ivetić is currently a Vice-President of the ADC-ICT Bar Association as well as a member of its Training Committee.  The ADC-ICT is the recognized Bar Association of the United Nations IRMCT (“Residual Mechanism” – Previously UN ICTY) in The Hague and gives advocacy and regional training.​​

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Anand Ajay Shah is an American attorney who has assisted in the representation of numerous defendants before the ICC (Darfur, Kenya and Libya Situations) and STL over the last ten years. Anand has also provided advice to governments and sub-state entities on international law issues and conflict resolution. Over the last three ICCBA terms he has served on the Amicus, Legal Advisory and Counsel Support Staff committees. He was previously a member of the ICCBA Secretariat, and is currently a member of ICCBA Executive Council as well as working groups addressing legal aid, taxation and work place harassment matters.