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Victims Committee

The Victims Committee is mandated to take into consideration the interests of victims and, through a commentary, provide proposals to the Legal Advisory Committee and advise the Executive Council and the General Assembly on all matters affecting Counsel for Victims.

Introductory videos on different aspects of the representation of victims at the ICC are available here.

Training videos produced by the Victims Committee are available on the Training Page.

Current members


Haydee Dijkstal is a UK barrister and US attorney with over a decade of experience practicing international criminal and human rights law before international tribunals including the ICC. She currently serves on the ICCBA’s Executive Council and was elected as Vice President for Victims, and previously served as Chair of the ICCBA’s Victims Committee. Her practice has included work before the ICC, ICTY, SCSL, African Commission and Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights and various UN bodies.  Haydee is currently representing victims at the ICC in the Situation in Afghanistan and Situation in Ukraine. Haydee has been a member of legal teams before the International Criminal Court since 2011 representing parties including the defence, victims and Governments.  In addition to her current instructions regarding Afghan and Ukrainian victims, her previous experiences and instructions before the ICC include the 1) legal team for the Comoros Government and victims in the Registered Vessels situation; 2) Defence team for Abdullah Al-Senussi, 3) legal team for Sudanese victims, and 4) legal team for the Kenyan Government.  In addition, she has been instructed in regards to amicus curiae  submissions in the Palestine situation and Ntaganda case, and on a number of Article 15 Communications on behalf of victims to the ICC Office of the Prosecutor.



Lady Gifty Tetteh is a barrister and the Head of Chambers at Chambers of GD Tetteh-UK, she is a member of the Honorable Society of the Middle Temple and the first black woman to set up her Chambers in the Middle Temple. She is also a Solicitor and Barrister of the Supreme Court of Ghana, and the CEO of Rehoboth Chambers’ (Tetteh and Tetteh Advocates)-Ghana. She holds a law degree LLB (Hons) from the London Guildhall University, a postgraduate certificate from the University of West of England –UWE and a Master of Laws Degree in Oil and Gas (LLM) from the Robert Gordon University – Aberdeen. She is (among other areas of law) a criminal barrister. She has handled cases of rape, murder and attempted murder. Lady Tetteh is a listed Counsel/Advocate at the International Criminal Court – The Hague. She regularly participates and speaks at workshops across the UK on trafficking & safeguarding children. She is a registered pupillage supervisor in England and Wales. She is a girl child mentor with the Menfyd foundation. She is a trustee and a Board member both in the UK and Africa. She is the founder and President of the Africa Women in Energy-AWIE and the Africa Women in Farming. She serves as a Patron of the Kaybobo Girls School (Ghana Education Project).



Jens Dieckmann is a German Lawyer. He is Founding and Senior Partner of Becher&Dieckmann in Bonn (Germany) as well as Associate Member of Chamber 9BR International (London, UK). Jens Dieckmann can offer clients more than 27 years of high level international litigation and negotiation practice in high profile cases. He has worked in and lead international teams of lawyers at various international criminal tribunals. In addition, he has a varied national and international practice as Counsel in International Human Rights Law as well as Asylum and Immigration Law. He provides consultancy to Governments and NGOs in the field of International Criminal Law and Asylum Law.  He is appointed to the Expert Commission on Asylum by the Federal Board of Amnesty International, Germany. Since 2006, he is an elected member of the Board of ADC-ICT. In 2015/16, he was a member of the Drafters Committee and the Interim Board of the ICCBA. He served the ICCBA inter alia as Vice President for Victims (2017/2018 and 2018/2019) and was Chair of the Victims Committee in 2017/2018 and 2018/2019. He was member of the Executive Council 2016-2019. Since 2011 he is CLR, Associate Counsel, for Victims in the ICC Banda Case.



Elisabetta is an Italian Criminal Lawyer with over twenty years of experience as Defence Counsel and Counsel for Victims before National Tribunals and Higher Courts. She was admitted to the List of Counsel of the International Criminal Court in 2012. For decades she has been practicing as Lead Counsel in serious crime cases (Criminal Law and Procedure, Civil Law and Procedure, Italian Juvenile System of Courts, Immigration Law, Domestic and International Law, UE Criminal Law, Computer and Cyber Crimes, Sexual Crimes). She is also HR defender. Elisabetta has been involved in national and international associations of Counsel, and actively has promoted the establishing of the ICCBA. In 2016 She was appointed as member of EU and International Criminal Law drafting Commission at the Italian Ministry of Justice. Currently, she is member of the International Committee of the Bar of Bologna with task for liaising with the ICC. As an expert in International Criminal Law and Justice , she is trainer in many compulsory training programs for Lawyers and her articles are published on these topics. Past chair of the ICCBA Membership Committee, Elisabetta has also served as member of the Executive Council and elected member of the ICCBA Defence Committee.

Élise Le Gall.jpeg


Me Élise LE GALL est avocate au Barreau de Paris, docteur en droit de l’université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne et inscrite sur la liste des conseils habilités à intervenir devant la CPI. Elle intervient actuellement en France dans plusieurs dossiers de compétence universelle auprès du Pôle spécialisé Anti-terrorisme, Génocide, crimes de guerre, crimes contre l’humanité du Tribunal judiciaire de Paris. Elle représente notamment des anciens salariés parties civiles dans l’affaire Lafarge (complicité de crimes contre l’humanité pour ses activités en Syrie) ainsi que des parties civiles dans des dossiers rwandais, RDC, Centrafrique. Elle a également opéré un signalement devant le bureau du procureur de la CPI pour les exactions commises entre avril 2019 et mars 2020 en Guinée. Par ailleurs, elle publie régulièrement des ouvrages, articles scientifiques sur la justice pénale internationale et intervient auprès d’universités (Assas, Limoges) et est présidente de l’AFPCU. En 2010, elle a œuvré au sein d’une équipe de défense devant le TPIR, puis occupé le poste de coordinatrice de la Coalition Française pour la Cour pénale internationale (CFCPI). De 2016 à 2018, elle a également été la collaboratrice juridique spécialement rattachée auprès du Procureur général des Chambres africaines extraordinaires (CAE) du Sénégal dans le procès Hissein Habré.



Elisapeti Langi is from Tonga and she was recently admitted to the list of counsel of the International Criminal Court in August 2023. She is the first Tongan to be admitted to the ICC. She commenced her career as a crown prosecutor at the Attorney General’s Office in 2008 office before joining the judiciary in 2018. She holds a master in criminology from the University of Sydney and has extensive experience in criminal law and family law. Her experience as a family judge when she was with the magistrate court has given her far-reaching understanding in dealing with victims of violence. Her greatest achievement to date was her appointment in 2020 by his majesty, King Tupou VI, as the first female acting judge of the Tongan Supreme Court. She is currently an acting judge of the Supreme Court of Tonga.



Ana Tuiketei is a listed Counsel for the ICC and is a member of the Defense and Membership Committee- a first for the Oceania.   She is also the only female Pacific Islander listed as an Arbitrator with the Court of Arbitration for Sport. She is admitted to the Tongan and Fijian Bar. She is the Deputy Director of the Institute of Small and Micro States based in the UK. She is a fellow with the Forum for International Conciliation & Arbitration.  She is the only Fijian female accredited World Rugby Judicial Officer and is one of only two pacific women that are Oceania Judicial Officer. She is the only Oceania International Rugby League Independent Judicial Chair. She is also listed as an Arbitrator with International Mixed Martial Arts Federation. She is also an Arbitrator in the Fiji Employment Arbitration Court (High Court).   In 2017 she was awarded the Medal of the Order of Fiji by the   President of Fiji  for her national contribution. She is a Heart Ambassador for the internationally recognized Sai Prema Foundation Fiji that is creating a world-class facility with the aim of providing the best possible surgery and free treatment to the children of the Pacific.

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