Legal Advisory Committee

The Legal Advisory Committee is responsible for considering proposed amendments to the ICC Rules of Procedure and Evidence (Rules) and other recognised legal texts, and proposing and drafting amendments to the Rules and other recognized legal texts. In its work the Committee is required to represent the interests of all ICCBA members and/or their clients, as appropriate.

Current members



Gregory Townsend started as a deputy public defender in Los Angeles. In 1998, he joined the ICTR, where he clerked for a judge and worked as a prosecuting trial attorney. He later became a prosecutor for the UN peacekeeping mission in Kosovo and ICTY. He served as Head of Office for the SCSL in The Hague. He joined the STL in 2010 as chief legal advisor to the Prosecutor. From 2014 to 2018, he served as Chief of the Registry’s Court Support Services Section for ICTY & MICT, where he oversaw witness protection, court operations, judicial records and legal aid. He is a professor of international law and on the list of counsel to represent victims before the ECCC, KSC and ICC.

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He is an exceptional, experienced, diligent and innovative Lawyer and legal leader with a proven record of improving performance with strong understanding of Domestic and International Law . He combine the ability to provide pragmatic, solution-orientated legal advice to all clients, with the tenacity, knowledge and ability required to successfully represent clients in challenging, high value, technical disputes in specialist areas. Extensive criminal experience. Ranging from Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts and Session Courts. He is the Prosecutor for the State of Tamil Nadu, India and Assistant to Counsel at International Criminal Court, Netherland and have effectively contested cases in various sensitive issues namely offences committed by Terrorist Organisation, Sexual Offences against a Minor Child, Murder, Manufacturing of Drugs and other serious offences. He has been widely appreciated by various Judge’s especially the High Court of Madras has recorded its appreciation for his illuminative submission and out of box approach and perspective in an Landmark Judgments.




As an attorney with 19 years of experience managing, criminal law, corporate regulatory compliance, human right and legal matters, I am well prepared to surpass your expectations. I invite you to consider the enclosed resume as you look to fill the role. My experience lies in spearheading legal team, criminal law defense, legal contract development, risk analysis, and trials for high-profile companies across a broad range of industries. I can thus bring to you “real world” experience in legal research and drafting, e-discovery, client interviewing and trial preparation, and case management

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Me Élise LE GALL est avocate au Barreau de Paris, docteur en droit de l’université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne et inscrite sur la liste des conseils habilités à intervenir devant la CPI. Elle intervient actuellement en France dans plusieurs dossiers de compétence universelle auprès du Pôle spécialisé Anti-terrorisme, Génocide, crimes de guerre, crimes contre l’humanité du Tribunal judiciaire de Paris. Elle représente notamment des anciens salariés parties civiles dans l’affaire Lafarge (complicité de crimes contre l’humanité pour ses activités en Syrie) ainsi que des parties civiles dans des dossiers rwandais, RDC, Centrafrique. Elle a également opéré un signalement devant le bureau du procureur de la CPI pour les exactions commises entre avril 2019 et mars 2020 en Guinée. Par ailleurs, elle publie régulièrement des ouvrages, articles scientifiques sur la justice pénale internationale et intervient auprès d’universités (Assas, Limoges) et est présidente de l’AFPCU. En 2010, elle a œuvré au sein d’une équipe de défense devant le TPIR, puis occupé le poste de coordinatrice de la Coalition Française pour la Cour pénale internationale (CFCPI). De 2016 à 2018, elle a également été la collaboratrice juridique spécialement rattachée auprès du Procureur général des Chambres africaines extraordinaires (CAE) du Sénégal dans le procès Hissein Habré.

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Chilean Lawyer, with 30 years of experience, Professor of Economic Criminal Law, Litigation, Cybercrimes, Data Protection and Privacy in Criminal Proceedings, and International Criminal Law in Universidad Catolica de Chile (LLM) and Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (Chile). Lecturer and Speaker in different Congress and Doctoral and Magister Programs in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Spain, etc. Litigator, LLM (California Western School of Law, San Diego, USA, 2016); Specialist in Economic and Corporates Criminal Law (Universidad Castilla – La Mancha, Spain, 2011); Advanced Diploma in International Criminal Law and before the International Courts (The Syracuse Institute, Italy, 2018); Legal Advisor for Senate and Deputies Chamber in Chile. Former President of Valparaiso Bar Association (many periods), Chile. Full member of ICCBA, and Counsel before ICC – CPI (admitted in 2018), Member of AFBA, Member of Privacy Rules International.​