Counsel Support Staff Committee

The Counsel Support Staff Committee shall take into consideration the interests of support staff and, through a commentary, provide proposals to the Executive Council and report to the General Assembly on all matters affecting the support staff.

Current members
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Dr. Dov Jacobs is currently a senior legal assistant on the Defense team of Laurent Gbagbo at the International Criminal Court. He has been an active member of the ICCBA since its creation (initially on the Training Committee and this year on the Legal Advisory Committee), with the belief that the Defense needs strong institutional presence at the ICC, in order for their voice to be heard and their needs to be addressed. Dov Jacobs has 15 years of experience in international law, international criminal and human rights, both as an academic and a practitioner. Having obtained an LLB from King’s College in London, master degrees from Sciences Po, Paris I and Paris II and his PhD at the European University institute, he joined Leiden University as an Assistant Professor in 2011. He has been teaching ICL to generations of university students, as well as done training for professionals for many years (in particular in the context of the ICCBA). His publications confirm his expertise in ICL and the ICC. These publications have touched upon fundamental procedural issues, such as admissibility, the rights of the Defense, the scope and definition of the charges, immunities or provisional release and he regularly comments on ICL issues on his blog, Spreading the Jam. Dov Jacobs has concrete daily experience of all these issues on the Gbagbo case (both inside and outside the courtroom), and therefore has detailed knowledge of the daily procedure before the ICC and the challenges faced by practitioners, more particularly those who are part of Defense teams. This comprehensive expertise, both academic and practical, is the basis for his continued dedication to actively represent the interests of the Defense within the Training Committee and the Counsel Support Staff Committee for the coming year.  Dov Jacobs is committed to bring this experience to the table to deal with the difficulties faced by Defence teams, to everyone’s benefit, including the ICC, because without a strong Defense, recognised not only in words, but in the daily reality of the Court, as a pillar of the international criminal law system, there can be no fair trial, and therefore no justice.


Deputy Chair

Sarah Marinier Doucet has been working on the Al Hassan Defence team at the ICC since June 2018. Sarah started working in ICL with an internship at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon before completing her Master of Laws at McGill University. After a few years working in international law within the Canadian government, Sarah returned to The Hague to join the Al Hassan Defence team.  

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Sandrine de Sena is an international criminal law practitioner. She assisted the Office of the President of the STL with legal research through the International Law Clinic of Laval University (Québec, Canada) in 2013. She then gained experience at law firms in Paris before becoming a pro bono legal assistant in the defence team for Mr Ntaganda in 2016, and was subsequently appointed Case Manager. She is currently teaching international criminal law at Panthéon-Assas University and managing the Criminal Affairs Division of the University Law Clinic, while writing her thesis on the practice of defence rights before the ICC. Her professional experience and her current research led her to go with the French delegation at the 18th Assembly of States Parties. During more than three years at the ICC, Sandrine de Sena has worked on the legal and administrative aspects of the Ntaganda case. In her daily practice, she has acknowledged the challenges faced by the support staff and has actively worked during the past year to improve the employment conditions of the support staff.




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Executive Council Observer

Michael started at the ICC as an intern in 2014. Thereafter he was appointed to the Arido Defence in the Bemba et al case. He is currently a case manager on the Ongwen Defence. Michael has been involved in various campaigns and negotiations aiming to improve the workplace conditions of persons assisting counsel.