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President of the ICCBA Speaks at the Opening of the ICC Judicial Year 2020

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

On 23 January 2020, the International Criminal Court opened its judicial year. The President of the ICCBA, Mr. Peter Haynes QC, the ICC President, the Prosecutor, and the Registrar, provided statements.

In his statement, Mr. Haynes recalled that the ICCBA had been recently officially recognized as a representative body of counsel by the Assembly of States Parties during the in December 2019, and that such recognition allows the ICCBA to effectively protect its members’ interests. Mr. Haynes reiterated that the ICCBA’s purpose is, inter alia, to ensure that it remains independent from political interference, and to provide a voice to its members who fall outside the central structure of the Court, as well as providing trainings, and certify that the accused are represented by counsels who are up to the task. Finally, Mr. Haynes stated that the ICCBA will continue to reach out and cooperate with bar associations across the world, and that the Working Group on Gender Parity and Welfare  will pursue their work with the ICC to help victims of harassment. Moreover, in the coming year, the ICC will be under review and Mr. Haynes stated that the ICCBA looks forward to playing a full and active part in the review process.

The full video of the ICC Opening of the Judicial Year 2020 is available here.

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