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Meeting with the Chair of the Bar Council of England and Wales

On 19 June 2019, ICCBA Executive Council (“EC”) members Mylène Dimitri, Jennifer Naouri, and Anand Shah met with the Chair of the Bar Council of England and Wales, Richard Atkins QC, and the Bar Council’s Head of International Policy, Mr. Christian Wisskirchen, at the ICC Permanent Premises in The Hague. This meeting took place in the context of a two-day working visit of the Bar Council Chair to the ICC.

During the meeting the role of the ICCBA, the mandate and working modalities of defence and victims counsel and support staff practicing before the ICC, and pressing issues, including the revision of the ICC’s legal aid system, were discussed. The members of the EC detailed the process by which counsel were appointed to represent clients before the ICC, the functioning of the legal aid system, and the essential roles of Legal Assistants and Case Managers on ICC legal teams. Also discussed were the ICCBA’s training initiatives, partnerships with other bar associations and organizations of lawyers, and the practical application of the Code of Professional Conduct for counsel.

The Bar Council reiterated its strong support of the Court and the Rome Statute system.

The ICCBA looks forward to continuing its productive dialogue with the Bar Council and collaborating on future initiatives of mutual interest.

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