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'Introduction to the ICCBA' Side Event at the 14th Assembly of States Parties

On 23 November the ICCBA held its side event during the Assembly of State Parties. Also present were Mr Herman Von Hebel, Registrar of the ICC, the Vice President of the ASP and Ambassador for Costa Rice, Señor Ugalde, and the Deputy Prosecutor, Mr James Stewart, together with an impressive number of Ambassadors, Judges and representatives of NGO’s.

Madam President, the Prosecutor, Registrar and Señor Sergio Ugalde welcomed the ICCBA as a representative voice for independent counsel. David Hooper thanked them for the strong support demonstrated by their presence, words and actions over the past year and set out the reasoning behind the ICCBA’s establishment, its constitution and aspirations.

The Association of State Parties passed an Omnibus Resolution at the close of this year’s Assembly in which they noted the establishment of the ICCBA and  invited it to report on its activities to the next Assembly.

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