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ICCBA Sends Questionnaire to Candidates for ICC Prosecutor

On 5 October 2020, the ICCBA sent a questionnaire to the four short-listed candidates for the position of ICC Prosecutor. The deadline for submission of answers has been set on 1 November 2020 after which the responses from the candidates will be published on the ICCBA website.

The questionnaire covers the following themes:

  1. Equality of Arms between the parties and participants to the proceedings, and within the Rome Statute framework;

  2. Accountability, Transparency and Integrity measures within the Office of the Prosecutor;

  3. Presumption of Innocence, Fair Trial and Expeditious Proceedings;

  4. OTP engagement with Victims and their Counsel; and

  5. Objectives of the Office of the Prosecutor.

The questionnaire is available below.

ICCBA Questionairre for Candidates for p
Download • 231KB

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