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ICCBA Sends Letter to ICC Lead Counsel on Harassment in the Workplace

On 6 February 2019. the ICCBA President sent a letter to all lead counsel of defence teams and legal representative of victims' teams at the ICC on Workplace Harassment. The letter which outlines the ICCBA's position on Workplace Harassment and the measures which the ICCBA will be implementing to address this issue. The ICCBA takes staff well-being seriously and has engaged on a number of initiatives and taken various steps to help ensure that legal team members are aware of their obligations and behave collegiately, and fairly with each other.The ICCBA has previously also issued a Directive on the Establishment and Functioning of the ICCBA Hotline and Complaint Mechanism for Harassment and Sexual Harassment. The ICCBA also provided a mindfulness presentation for members in January 2019. 

In January 2019, a staff welfare review was undertaken by Amnesty International outlining issues related to workplace harassment at Amnesty International and the measures which should be implemented to improve staff well-being. The full review is available here.  

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