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ICCBA Representatives Hold a Meeting with ICC Registry regarding Tax Liabilities

On 15 October 2018, members of the ICCBA Legal Aid and Taxation Working Group held a meeting with representatives of the ICC Registry to discuss the issue of taxation of defence and victims counsel and their support staff. All staff employed by the ICC are excepted from paying income tax in The Netherlands, however the position of defence and victims counsel and their support staff has remained unclear. The meeting discussed the issues which have been encountered by some members of the ICCBA and measures which could potentially be implemented to resolve the issue. After the meeting a letter was sent to the ICC Registrar. The President of the ICC was also informed about the outcome of the meeting. 

In January 2018, the ICCBA Working Group on Taxation prepared a report on the issue of taxation which was presented to the former ICC President and Registrar. This report is available here

The ICCBA will keep its members updated on any progress regarding this issue. 

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