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ICCBA Publishes Updated Index of ICC Administrative Issuances

The ICCBA Legal Advisory Committee has published an updated version of the Index of ICC Administrative Indexes which is available on the Documents page of the website, you can also download it here

The ICC internal policy and administrative framework is governed by a set of administrative issuances (Presidential Directives, Administrative Instructions, Information Circulars, others) enacted by the Organs of the Court. Although these provisions primarily govern the administrative internal functioning of the Court, some of these have a direct impact on the work of Counsel and Support Staff. Namely, certain administrative issuances specify that they apply to Counsel, while others are of general relevance to the activities of the Court as a whole. The earlier version of the present index was limited to a selection of those administrative issuances which were deemed of relevance for Counsel and support staff. In order to enhance Counsel’s and supp

ort staff’s knowledge and understanding of the applicable policy and administrative framework of the International Criminal Court and in light of current discussions on the possibility of extending some aspects of the status of staff members to support staff, the present version is no longer selective and covers all administrative issuances in force at the Court at the time of its submission, i.e. April 2019.

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