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ICCBA President Speaks at 20th Anniversary of the ICC Conference

On 1 July 2022, Ms. Jennifer Naouri, President of the ICCBA, spoke at a high level conference entitled "ICC at 20: Reflections on the Past, Present and Future" which was organised by the President of the ICC to mark the 20th Anniversary of the ICC. Ms. Naouri covered the topic of "Defence Perspectives on the Fairness of Trials at the ICC".

In her presentation, Ms. Naouri highlighted the importance of fairness in proceedings at the ICC and the need for the defence to have a meaningful role in proceedings. She spoke about the need for the defence to have the necessary time and means to carry out their work and to ensure equality of arms, including having working conditions comparable to their counterparts in the Office of the Prosecutor.

Photos from the conference are available here and the videos are available on the ICC Youtube Channel.

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