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ICCBA President Delivers Statement at Assembly of States Parties 2019

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

On 3 December 2019, Peter Haynes QC, President of the ICCBA, delivered a statement at the General Debate of the 18th Assembly of States Parties which was held in The Hague. In his Statement, Mr. Haynes emphasised that the ICCBA is increasingly involved in operational issues of the Court including amendments to the legal aid policies, protocols and practice directions. Mr. Haynes, called upon the States Parties to officially recognise the ICCBA as an independent representative body of counsel under Rule 20(3) of the ICC Rules of Procedure and Evidence. 

Mr. Haynes highlighted some of the benefits of the ASP officially recognising the ICCBA and the purpose of a bar association, including to ensure List Counsel observe accepted standards of behaviour and provide a voice for those who currently fall outside the central structure of the Court. 

The full text of the Statement is available here. 

A video of the President delivering the Statement is available here.

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