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ICCBA – Oxford University Common Project on Victims’ Participation before the ICC

The ICCBA is very much delighted to announce a common project on victims’ participation before the ICC with the Centre of Criminology, Oxford University. Professor Carolyn Hoyle and current Economic and Social Research Council GCRF Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Rudina Jasini, have received funding for their project “Advancing the Impact of Victim Participation at the International Criminal Court: Developing Avenues for Collaboration”. The project foresees cooperation with the ICC independent Office of Public Counsel for Victims (OPCV) and the ICCBA in designing resources for the education and training of practitioners interested in international criminal law, with a specific focus on practitioners who may wish to represent victims in proceedings before the ICC.

The 12-month project will include:  

  1. Organizing a one-day workshop in The Hague (Netherlands), intended to provide legal practitioners with the most up-to-date theoretical and empirical studies and to create a forum for discussion on effective processes of victim participation;

  2.  Producing briefing papers for legal practitioners at the ICC, with headline findings from both academic research and jurisprudence on victims’ participation in international criminal proceedings and more specifically at the ICC;

  3. Developing a training package for victims’ counsel, as well as organizing a one-day advocacy training session with a specific emphasis on issues arising from the implementation of victims’ participation; and

  4.  Participating in the expert seminar for high-level stakeholders that the Centre for Criminology and Green Templeton College will co-host at Oxford (UK).

ICCBA President Karim A. Khan QC made the following statement regarding the Common Project: “The ICCBA congratulates Prof. Hoyle and Dr. Jasini for their successful application. The ICCBA supported this project from the very beginning. I am certainly of the view that counsel, assistants to counsel and support staff involved in Victims cases at the ICC will greatly benefit from the proposed project. In addition, I am of the view that this project would offer an opportunity to explore avenues for further engagement and for continuing or building upon this collaborative work in the future. I am pleased to record that this exciting project has the unanimous support of the members of the ICCBA Executive Council.”

The ICCBA has designated Mr. Jens Dieckmann, ICCBA Vice President for Victims and Chair of the ICCBA Victims Committee, as the ICCBA’s focal point for this project.

Additional information on the project is available here:

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