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ICCBA Holds a Webinar for Lawyers from Latin America and the Caribbean

On 3 October 2023, the ICCBA held, for the first time in Spanish, a webinar to provide information on the International Criminal Court and the ICCBA. The event was very well attended and there was a lively discussion. The speakers included:

  • Juan Carlos Manríquez, ICCBA Focal Point for GRULAC

  • Alfonso Dorado, Lawyer at the ICC, Paris and La Paz

  • Laurence Hortas-Laberge, Lawyer at the ICC and Member of the ICCBA Executive Council

  • Marcela Velarde, Lawyer, ICC Defence

The speakers discussed the ICCBA, and the ICC in general, as well as the role of counsel provided to witnesses and also the situation in Venezuela.

The video from the event is available here.

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