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ICCBA Delegation Meets with ICC President

On 5 February 2018, a delegation from the ICCBA visited Judge Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi, ICC President. The representatives from the ICCBA were: Karim Khan QC, President, Jens Dieckmann, Vice President for Victims, Chief Charles Taku, Vice President for Defence and Dominic Kennedy, Executive Director. 

A number of issues were discussed including victims' representation before the ICC and potentially organising a roundtable discussion later in 2018 and improving the office space for victims' representatives, who currently share an open plan office. The ICCBA delegation also mentioned to the President that the ICCBA has still not been allocated any office space at the ICC premises which is needed so that the Association has a base at the court for the Executive Director and storage of materials. 

A further issue which was discussed was the ICCBA's involvement in the ICC's outreach programme. ICCBA representatives stressed the importance of including all actors from the ICC in the outreach programme and how involvement of ICCBA representatives would be beneficial for the public relations of the Court. 

At the conclusion of the meeting the ICC President stated that she was very happy that the ICCBA had been created during her time as President and fully supported the objectives of the ICCBA. Mr. Khan thanked the ICC President for her support for the ICCBA over the last few years.

Left to right: Dominic Kennedy, Chief Charles Taku, Karim Khan QC, President Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi, Jens Dieckmann, Hirad Abtahi and William St-Michel

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