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ICCBA Appoints New Focal Points

In February 2023, the ICCBA Executive Council issued a call for expressions of interest for various new focal point positions. The Executive Council reviewed the applications and appointed the following individuals to the focal point positions for an initial term of one year:

  • Regina Weiss - Sexual and Gender Based Violence

  • Noor Azab - Gender Equality and Diversity

  • Yaré Fall - African States

  • Rangajeeva Wimalasena - Asia Pacific States

  • Silvia Berbec - Eastern European States

  • Juan Carlos Manríquez - Latin American and Caribbean States

  • Paolo Iorio - Western European and Other States

The mandate of ICCBA focal points includes:

  • Explaining the role of the ICCBA to List Counsel and Support Staff.

  • Offering expert advice to the Executive Council.

  • Explaining the benefits of joining the ICCBA as a Full, Associate or Affiliate Member to eligible individuals.

  • Explaining the work and jurisdiction of the ICC to legal professionals in the region in question.

  • Serving as a local conduit between the association, and List Counsel and ICCBA members, to convey suggestions, concerns and/or recommendations List Counsel and members may have regarding the work of the ICCBA.

  • Where required, to assist the ICCBA President and Executive counsel in liaising with national bar associations.

  • Providing recommendations to the ICCBA President on the training needs of local counsel and on other relevant issues in the region in question.

If you would like to contact a focal point, please send an email to:

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