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ICCBA and the Federation of European Bars Sign an Affiliation Agreement

On 29 June 2018, at the ICCBA's Annual General Assembly, the Association signed an Affiliation Agreement with the Federation fo European Bars (FBE). The Agreement lays the foundations for close cooperation between the two organisations with the aim of working together on future projects. 

The President of the ICCBA, Mr. Karim Khan QC signed on behalf of the ICCBA and Mr. Michele Lucherini, President of the FBE attended the General Assembly to sign the agreement. 

The signing of the Affiliation Agreement with the FBE is the second of such agreements which has been signed by the ICCBA. The first was signed with the African Bar Association in 2017 and it is hoped that further agreements will be signed with organisations in the near future. 

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