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ICCBA and IT success!! Wifi and new IT ticketing system launched by IMSS

The defence and victim case team meetings in December and January raised two particular problems. One was the absence of external Wifi in the defence offices and the other concerned raising requests when teams had problems with their ICC computer systems and IT etc.

Kelly Mannix, head of Information Management Services Section (IMSS), who attended the meeting, promised she would help expedite the first and address the second. There is now wi-fi being installed in the defence offices and a new system, SolvIT, has been launched for raising tickets for IT problems. Well done and thank you IMSS.

SolvIT will enable you to inform the IMSS directly about any IT issues through making incident tickets. The main benefits for you will be improved service and greater efficiency.

With SolvIT you will be able to:

• See the current status of your tickets at any time without having to call or drop by.

• Receive automatic notifications of updates to your tickets.

• Communicate directly with the technicians assigned to your tickets.

• Consult the IMSS' list of solutions and FAQs.

• Add updates, screenshots, notes & attachments to your tickets.

Power users from the different teams have been trained on how to use SolvIT, and we will have open clinics and eLearning available once we go live.

We plan to improve SolvIT in the months to come, so look out for additional features and even more service improvements!

Please note: For service requests, such as Citrix access, installation of software or provisioning of equipment, CSS is still the focal point.

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