Victims Committee

The Victims Committee is mandated to take into consideration the interests of victims and, through a commentary, provide proposals to the Legal Advisory Committee and advise the Executive Council and the General Assembly on all matters affecting Counsel for Victims.

Jens Dieckmann


Jens Dieckmann is Senior-Partner of Becher & Dieckmann–Rechtsanwälte (Bonn, Germany) and Associate Member at 9 Bedford Row International (London). He represented clients at the ICTY and ICC. Currently, he is assigned Common Legal Representative, Associate Counsel, for victims in the ICC Banda case. He is Vice President of the ICDL-Germany and member of the ADC-ICT-Board (2014-2016 Vice-President). He is Co-Vice-Chair of the IBA War Crimes Committee.‎ 2016-2017 he was a member of the ICCBA Executive Council and Professional Standards Advisory Committee. 2017-2018, he is ICCBA Vice President for Victims and Victims Committee Chair.

Dato' Shyamala Alagendra

Dato’ Shyamala Alagendra is a Malaysian lawyer of 20 years standing and is presently the Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions for the Republic of  Fiji.  She previously served as a Prosecution trial lawyer at the SPSC (Timor Leste), SCSL (Sierra Leone) and at ICC. She acted as Defence Counsel before the STL, EULEX Court (Kosovo) and at the ICC (in both Kenya cases and for Saif Al-Islam Gadafi). She also represents victims of human rights violations and sexual abuse in several jurisdictions in Africa and Asia. 

Karim Khan QC

Karim A.A. Khan, Queens Counsel, is a barrister admitted to practice in England and Wales, and Pakistan. He has over 25 years of experience in international and domestic legal practice, including criminal law, arbitration, and inter-state litigation. Karim has practiced before all of the international criminal courts and tribunals as a prosecutor, defence counsel or victims legal representative. At the ICC he has been Lead Counsel for seven defendants, and presently represents Abdallah Banda and Saif Al-Islam Gadafi. He also represents victims of human rights violations and human rights advocates in Africa and Asia.

Paolina Massidda

​Paolina Massidda is a member of the Genoa Bar (Italy) since 1994. Since September 2005, she is the Principal Counsel of the independent Office of Public Counsel for Victims at the ICC. She is currently the common legal representative of victims in the Laurent Gbagbo and Blé Goudé case and in the Ongwen case. She also represents victims in the Lubanga, Katanga and Bemba reparations proceedings, as well as in the Gaddafi, Kony and Simone Gbagbo cases. She has published extensively on matters related to international criminal law and the rights of victims.

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Fidel Nsita Luvengika

Gregory Townsend

Gregory Townsend started as a deputy public defender in California. He joined the ICTR in 1998, clerking for a judge and later as a prosecuting trial attorney. He became a prosecutor for the UN in Kosovo and the ICTY. He was Head of Office for the SCSL in The Hague. He joined the STL in 2010 as chief legal advisor to the Prosecutor. In 2014, he returned to ICTY as Chief of the Registry’s Court Support Services Section. He is on the List of Counsel to represent victims before the ECCC and ICC.

Luc Walleyn

Luc Walleyn is member of the bar of Brussels (Belgium) since 1972 and counsel at the ICC since 2006. He is legal representative of victims in the Lubanga case and represented numerous victims of international crimes in Belgian courts. He teaches international criminal law as a visiting professor at the University College Leuven-Limburg and at the l’Université Libre de Bruxelles. He has published many articles on international justice. In the past, he was lay judge in Brussels, member of the Council of the Bar and President of Advocates Without Borders (ASF). He is a member of the ICCBA Executive Council and Victims Committee.

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