Professional Standards Advisory Committee 2017-2018

Dr. Antonios Abou Kasm


Attorney at Law (Beirut Bar) and Professor of International law (Lebanese University and the Lebanese Army Forces’ Colleges). Admitted to practice before international criminal jurisdictions since 2011, and assigned as Lead Defense Counsel at the STL. He is one of the authors of the Joint Code of Ethics for Counsel pleading before international criminal courts (Nuremberg Code) and of legal books and articles. He holds an LL.D (Grenoble University) in addition to academic diplomas and professional certificates (United Nations/UN Fellow, ICRC, The Hague Academy of International Law, Leiden University, Penn State Dickinson Law, ICC, STL).

Mohamed Aouini

Mohamed Aouini obtained his Law Degree in 1979, and has held the following positions: Judge (1980-1985); Lawyer (since 1986); Mr. RUGGIU's lead counsel before the ICTR (1997-2000); Member of the Tunisian Parliament (1994-2009); Vice-President of the Arab Parliament (2005-2009). He is fluent in Arabic, French and German, with basic knowledge of English and Dutch. He is the main Council of Merhi before the STL (January 2014) and Al Mahdi before the ICC (2015).

Edinnah Arati

Edinnah Bosibori Arati was admitted to the ICC List of Counsel in December 2015. She has over twelve years of private practice experience in criminal and family law as well as public interest litigation. She has consulted on a joint project of the Puntland Center for Human Rights and Democracy (PUNCHAD) and UNHCR as the Senior Legal Consultant providing technical and legal support on Refugee Law and Human Rights in Puntland, Somalia. Her most recent assignment is her appointment to Kenya’s Judiciary Technical Committee for reviewing the Criminal Law and Procedures.

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Marie O'Leary

Marie O’Leary is a Legal Adviser/Counsel in the ICC’s Office of Public Counsel for the Defence (OPCD) since 2013. Previous to this, she worked at the UN-ICTY on several Defence teams, with an Amicus Curiae Prosecutor, in their Trial Chambers, and as Head of Office of the ADC-ICT. For over a decade, Ms. O’Leary has had the opportunity to serve ICL as a consultant, committee member, lecturer and author. She was called to the Minnesota State Bar in 2006 and is hoping to be called by Ben Harper one day.

Dr. Andreas O'Shea

Dr. Andreas O’Shea is head of chambers at Vitoria International Chambers (Malta, Spain, UK), and a tenant at Charter Chambers, London. Formerly an associate professor, and currently a visiting lecturer at the University of West London, he has taught and published in international law. He has pleaded before the ICC, ICTY, ICTR, SCSL and STL. Before the ICC, he has acted as associate counsel in the cases of Germain Katanga and Laurent Gbagbo. He also sits on the Professional Standards Committee of the ICCBA.

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