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ICCBA Presidency Attend 20th Anniversary of Rome Statute Events

On 17 July 2018, it was the 20th Anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute which created the international criminal court and its international justice system. The ICC organised a Mock Trial which was held in the Supreme Court of the Netherlands on the evening of 16 July and a full day high level symposium on 17 July at the Permanent Premises of the ICC. 

Chief Charles Taku, President, Dr. Caroline Buisman, Vice-President for Defence and Mr. Jens Dieckmann, Vice-President for Victims were in attendance at the events. 

The President of the ICCBA also gave a speech during the high level segment of the symposium and outline that the ICCBA is a strong partner of the ICC and works to promote the values enshrined in the Rome Statute. The full speech of the ICCBA President is available here

The full programme from the symposium is available here

Photos from the event are available in the gallery.

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