ICCBA Represented on Defence Panel at ICC-NGO Roundtable

On 17 May 2018, Chief Charles Taku, Vice-President for Defence, was a member of the panel on Defence Issues at the ICC-NGO Roundtable conference which was held at the ICC. Chief Taku spoke about legal aid issues for counsel at the ICC and urged the NGO community to engage on the topic with the Court. Chief Taku next addressed the issue of gender balance and diversity in the List of Counsel and explained that the ICCBA Constitution requires gender and geographic representation to be taken into account. Another issue which Chief Taku mentioned was the family visits for the accused and how these visits are crucial for the well-being of the accused who often serve an extended period of time on r

ICCBA - Penn State's Dickinson Law - International Trial Advocacy Training Programme 2018

The prestigious Penn State Dickinson School of Law (Dickinson Law), in conjunction with the ICCBA, organised an intensive five-day course in trial advocacy at the ICC in The Hague between 30 April and 4 May 2018. The course was specially oriented to international trial advocacy and provided a solid base for those who participated in developing their skills in trial strategy, advocacy, presentation and cross-examination. The course was centered around a detailed mock ICC case, drawing factual and legal elements from real ICC cases and much of the training was in workshop form in one of the ICC courtrooms. The course was be led by Professor Gildin, Dean of the law school and author of ’Trial A

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