ICCBA Newsletter - Issue 1

On 20 March 2018, the ICCBA published the first issue of its newsletter. The issue includes: Welcome by the President; Updates from the ICCBA Committees; Updates on Proceedings at the ICC; Interviews with Judge Cuno Tarfusser and Judge Sanji Monageng; Events; and Recent Publications. The Newsletter is available here. The ICCBA Newsletter will be published every three months. If members of the ICCBA have any short articles they would like publishing please contact Dominic Kennedy, ICCBA Executive Director, at:

Report on ICCBA Process with Candidates for ICC Registrar

On 12 March 2018, the ICCBA submitted a Report to the ICC judges on the process which was conducted with a number of candidates for the position of ICC Registrar. The term of the current Registrar ends on 16 April 2018 and the Judges are responsible for electing the next Registrar. In February 2018, each short-listed candidate was sent a questionnaire by the ICCBA and asked to provide written responses. The candidates who provided written responses were: APOSTOL, Lilian DUBUISSON, Marc GAOBATWE, Chipo HOCKING, John LEWIS, Peter MACKINTOSH, Kate PERALTA LOSILLA, Esteban PREIRA, Daniel Didier TUMA, Marie The candidates who did not provide any written responses were: GOBERDAN, Inhrambal KINGSLE

ICCBA Presidency attend Solemn Undertaking Ceremony for New ICC Judges

On 9 March 2018, the President of the ICCBA, Mr. Karim Khan QC, Vice-President for Defence, Chief Charles Taku and the Vice-President for Victims, Mr. Jens Dieckmann attended the Solemn Undertaking Ceremony for the six newly elected judges of the ICC who will take up office on 11 March 2018. The ceremony was presided over by the outgoing President of the ICC, Judge Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi and each of the new judges swore an oath in front of the President of the Assembly of States Parties, Mr. O-Gon Kwon. Each of the judges declared the following oath: "I solemnly undertake that I will perform my duties and exercise my powers as a judge of the International Criminal Court honourably, fai

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