ICDL Germany holds its Annual Meeting, including guest speakers from the ICCBA

The International Criminal Defence Lawyers Association - Germany - e.V. (ICDL) held their annual meeting in Berlin from 27 to 29 January 2017 with several  guest speakers from the ICCBA.  The meeting included a day of presentations on topics concerning the ICC and international criminal law. The programme was introduced by its President, Jens Cordes and the days discussions moderated by its Vice Presidents – Mike Sturm and Christian Kemperdick. This annual meeting of the ICDL is always a pleasure to attend and the day’s discussions invariably relevant and interesting. This year was no exception. It’s members exemplify the value of an active specialist bar with extensive interest and experien

Report on Legal Aid at the ICC Released

Richard Rogers has just concluded his report, requested by the Registrar, assessing legal aid at the ICC. It comes at a crucial time as the ASP, at their Assembly in November, requested the Court “to reassess the functioning of the legal aid system and to present, as appropriate, proposals for adjustments to the legal aid remuneration policy for the consideration of the Assembly at its sixteenth session”. The Report methodically examines the legal aid scheme in place at the ICC and compares it to the schemes operating at other courts. It spells out the extent that the present scheme fails to provide adequate remuneration to counsel and the areas where improvements can be made.The conclusions

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