Legal Advisory Committee 2017-2018

Dr. Cyril Laucci


PhD in Law and Counsel registered (self-omitted) in the Bar of Marseille. Work / has worked as Legal Adviser for Chambers within the ICTR, the ICTY and the SCSL and within the Registry of the ICC and RSCSL. Editor of the Annotated Digest of the ICC Series (, on the basis of which an ICC Case Law Database is in development in partnership with Legal Tools. Elected to the Executive Council of the ICCBA and Chairperson of the ICCBA’s Legal Advisory Committee.

Dr. Caroline Buisman

Dr. Buisman is a member of the Amsterdam and New York Bars and practices domestic and international criminal and human rights law. She has over fifteen years of experience researching and practicing international criminal law at the ICC, ICTY, ICTR and the SCSL and has published widely on this subject. She has an LLM from Columbia University (New York), a Masters of Law from Leiden University (Netherlands) and a Ph.D. from Brunel University (United Kingdom). She regularly teaches and participates in expert panels in the area of international criminal justice.

Marie O'Leary

Marie O’Leary is a Legal Adviser/Counsel in the ICC’s Office of Public Counsel for the Defence (OPCD) since 2013. Previous to this, she worked at the UN-ICTY on several Defence teams, with an Amicus Curiae Prosecutor, in their Trial Chambers, and as Head of Office of the ADC-ICT. For over a decade, Ms. O’Leary has had the opportunity to serve ICL as a consultant, committee member, lecturer and author. She was called to the Minnesota State Bar in 2006 and is hoping to be called by Ben Harper one day.

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Sophie Menegon

Sophie MENEGON is a French lawyer, member of Paris Bar and legal assistant in the defence team of Mr. Katanga before the ICC. She studied international law at the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and worked, during several years, for the Legal Commission of Amnesty International’s French Section. In 2006, she assisted a judge of the ICTR Appeals Chamber, on ICTR and ICTY cases. Since 2007, she is a member of the Katanga defence team and she has punctually assisted other defence teams. In Paris, she works mainly on criminal cases.

Anand A. Shah

Anand Ajay Shah (B.A., M.A., J.D., New York Bar) is an American attorney who has assisted in representing six defendants before the ICC (Darfur, Kenya and Libya Situations) and two defendants before the STL. He is currently a member of the defence for Abdallah Banda and Saif Al-Islam Gadafi. He previously served on the ICCBA Amicus and Support Staff committees, and is presently serving on the Legal Advisory and Amicus committees, as well as the Secretariat. Anand has also provided advice to governments on international law issues and conflict resolution.

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