Executive Council 2017-2018

Karim A.A. Khan QC 


Karim A.A. Khan, Queens Counsel, is a barrister admitted to practice in England and Wales, and Pakistan. He has over 25 years of experience in international and domestic legal practice, including criminal law, arbitration, and inter-state litigation. Karim has practiced before all of the international criminal courts and tribunals as a prosecutor, defence counsel or victims legal representative. At the ICC he has been Lead Counsel for seven defendants, and presently represents Abdallah Banda and Saif Al-Islam Gadafi. He also represents victims of human rights violations and human rights advocates in Africa and Asia.

Jens Dieckmann

Vice President for Victims

Jens Dieckmann is Senior-Partner of Becher & Dieckmann–Rechtsanwälte (Bonn, Germany) and Associate Member at 9 Bedford Row International (London). He represented clients at the ICTY and ICC. Currently, he is assigned Common Legal Representative, Associate Counsel, for victims in the ICC Banda case. He is Vice President of the ICDL-Germany and member of the ADC-ICT-Board (2014-2016 Vice-President). He is Co-Vice-Chair of the IBA War Crimes Committee.‎ 2016-2017 he was a member of the ICCBA Executive Council and Professional Standards Advisory Committee. 2017-2018, he is ICCBA Vice President for Victims and Victims Committee Chair.

Emile Aoun


Mr. Emile Aoun is a Lebanese lawyer and professor of law. He is currently preparing his PhD at the Université de Paris II on the perspective of the principle of equality of arms in international criminal tribunals. Mr. Aoun is the author of several published legal studies. He has a Bachelor's degree in Law, a Bachelor's degree in Administrative and Political Sciences and in History. He holds two Masters in Public Law and in Private Law. He is Lead Counsel for the Ayyash defence team at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

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Chief Charles Taku

Vice President for Defence

Xavier-Jean Keita


Mr. Keïta joined the ICC in 2007 as Principal Counsel for the Defence Office and was involved in all cases. He is fluent in French, English, Spanish, Wolof, Bambara and Malinké, practised law for over 33 years (Senegal and Paris Bar) and is specialised in Human Rights, International Relations and (International) Criminal Law. He is a founding member of the International Training Centre for Lawyers in Africa, ICB and the ICCBA. He is a qualified Mediator and acted as a Judge for five years at the International Organisation of La Francophonie.

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Dato' Shyamala Alagendra

Dato’ Shyamala Alagendra is a Malaysian lawyer of 20 years standing. She served as a Prosecution trial lawyer at the SPSC (Timor Leste), SCSL and ICC. She acted as Defence Counsel before the STL, EULEX Court (Kosovo) and at the ICC (in both Kenya cases and is presently Counsel for Saif Al-Islam Gadafi). She also represents victims of human rights violations in several jurisdictions in Africa and Asia. In 2017, Shyamala was elected to the ICCBA Executive Council and re-elected to the Victims Committee. 

Mohamed Aouini

Mohamed Aouini obtained his Law Degree in 1979, and has held the following positions: Judge (1980-1985); Lawyer (since 1986); Mr. RUGGIU's lead counsel before the ICTR (1997-2000); Member of the Tunisian Parliament (1994-2009); Vice-President of the Arab Parliament (2005-2009). He is fluent in Arabic, French and German, with basic knowledge of English and Dutch. He is the main Council of Merhi before the STL (January 2014) and Al Mahdi before the ICC (2015).

Rosette Bar Haim

Rosette BAR HAIM has been an attorney at R&R Bar Haim Law Offices (Jerusalem) since 1997. Born in 1954 (Paris), she holds Masters in judicial careers (France) and ICL (Hebrew University). She specializes in criminal, Rome Statute and human rights law. The first Israeli woman included in the ICC List of Counsel (2009), she conducted extensive pro bono work representing groups of victims of sexual aggression from Ivory Coast and the Kivu region (DRC), preparing them for ICC proceedings. Currently serves as ICCBA Executive Council member and ICB interlocutor to ASP. Legal consultant in ASP/ICC issues to media, students, organizations, official organs.

Dr. Caroline Buisman

Dr. Buisman is a member of the Amsterdam and New York Bars and practices domestic and international criminal and human rights law. She has over fifteen years of experience researching and practicing international criminal law at the ICC, ICTY, ICTR and the SCSL and has published widely on this subject. She has an LLM from Columbia University (New York), a Masters of Law from Leiden University (Netherlands) and a Ph.D. from Brunel University (United Kingdom). She regularly teaches and participates in expert panels in the area of international criminal justice.

Rodney Dixon QC

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Christopher Gosnell

Christopher Gosnell has defended cases before the ICC, ICTY, ICTR, MICT and SCSL. He is Lead Counsel for one of the accused in the Bemba et al. contempt proceedings, and Associate Counsel for Bosco Ntaganda. He formerly worked as a Prosecutor at the ICTY, in the Office of Public Counsel for Victims at the ICC, and in Chambers at the ICTR. He clerked at the Supreme Court of Canada and practiced at the law firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett in New York before turning to the field of International Criminal Law.

Dr. Cyril Laucci

PhD in Law and Counsel registered (self-omitted) in the Bar of Marseille. Work / has worked as Legal Adviser for Chambers within the ICTR, the ICTY and the SCSL and within the Registry of the ICC and RSCSL. Editor of the Annotated Digest of the ICC Series (http://www.brill.com/products/reference-work/annotated-digest-international-criminal-court), on the basis of which an ICC Case Law Database is in development in partnership with Legal Tools. Elected to the Executive Council of the ICCBA and Chairperson of the ICCBA’s Legal Advisory Committee.

Colleen Rohan

Colleen Rohan has practiced as defense counsel for over 30 years; in the international courts since 2005. She was twice elected President of the Association of Defence Counsel Practicing before the ICTY. Her international cases include: Popović, Haradinaj, and Karadžić (ICTY); witness counsel in Kenya confirmation hearings and Assaf v. ICC (ICC); and the Drenica war crimes cases in Kosovo (EULEX). She has written and lectured extensively on international criminal law. Her newest book is “Defence Perspectives on International Criminal Justice”. She maintains law offices in The Hague and is a member of 9 Bedford Row Chambers international group (London).  

Luc Walleyn

Luc Walleyn is member of the bar of Brussels (Belgium) since 1972 and counsel at the ICC since 2006. He is legal representative of victims in the Lubanga case and represented numerous victims of international crimes in Belgian courts. He teaches international criminal law as a visiting professor at the University College Leuven-Limburg and at the l’Université Libre de Bruxelles. He has published many articles on international justice. In the past, he was lay judge in Brussels, member of the Council of the Bar and President of Advocates Without Borders (ASF). He is a member of the ICCBA Executive Council and Victims Committee.

David Young

David A. Young is a barrister admitted to practice in England and Wales, from Red Lion Chambers (London), a leading UK criminal law chambers. He is a specialist international trial lawyer who focuses on defending and advising persons accused before the international, foreign and national criminal courts. Since 2011 he has been instructed as lead Defence Counsel before the STL, where he represents the interests of Assad Sabra, who is accused of complicity in the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. He holds a Masters degree in international human rights law, and has co-authored a leading  criminal law textbook on the doctrine of Abuse of Process.

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